• Provision of efficient, professional, technical and administrative support to Cabinet through:
  • Scrutiny and analysis of incoming memoranda to ensure compliance with the Cabinet Handbook, before it is placed on the Cabinet Agenda;
  • Provision of efficient professional, technical and administrative support to Cabinet, Cabinet Standing Committees, and ad-hoc Cabinet Committees created by Cabinet from time to time;
  • Preparation and dispatching of documents for Cabinet meetings and the Standing Committees;
  • Management and safe-keeping of Cabinet documents/records;
  • Issuance of Cabinet decisions to Offices/Ministries/Agencies for implementation;
  • Implementation of Cabinet decisions and monitoring thereof on bi-annual basis;
  • Facilitation and organisation of National Events (e.g Independence celebrations, Heroes Day Commemoration and Heroes Funerals; and
  • Coordination of the implementation of Government Programs.

Contact Details

Office of the Prime Minister

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Windhoek ,


Phone No: (061) 2879111

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