Ndiyona Settlement connected to sewer reticulation system

Proclaimed as a settlement in December 2007, Ndiyona was a traditional village but housed some government institutions such as the Ndiyona Combined School, a clinic, and Ministry of Agriculture Directorate of Extension services. Further private individuals have built their homes especially those employees who are working in the vicinity.

Some years down the line, the Ndiyona Settlement continued to grow rapidly becoming a centre for socio-economic activities.

Some development that has taken place over the past few years include, the construction of a State of the art Police Station, residential houses under the build together program and private individualís residential homes.

Now with this development growing in an upward trend, services such as road, portable water and sewer reticulation are needed. To heed to this needs, the Kavango East Regional Council constructed the sewer and water reticulation project which will enable the residents of the settlement to connect to this services which was inaugurated in 2020


 This project which consisted of the installation of water and sewer reticulation systems as well as construction of oxidation ponds and an access road to the ponds, has been made possible with funding from the Trust Fund for Regional Development and Equity Provisions in the amount of N$13.2 million.