Seventh Day Adventist Church at Rundu donates portable radios to the community

The seventh Day Adventist church at Rundu donated portable radio devices to the community of Rundu in October 2021.

The portable Radios which are also called Godís Posts contains recorded bible lessons which are translated in Rukavango languages aimed at teaching the recipients the word of God in their vernaculars.

Handing over the donation to the community of Rundu through the Rundu Urban Constituency Councillor Hon. Vicky Kauma the Seventh Day Adventist Church head Elder Hansen Kauhano noted that the donation was conceived in Canada by the World Adventist Church.

Mr Kauhano pointed out the radios are loaded with religious content which can help Christians listen to the gospel which can help the address their social challenges.

He added that close to two - thousand radios were donated in both the Kavango East and West Regions.

Receiving the donation on behalf the community, Hon, Kauma appreciated the assistance that residents of Rundu Urban Constituency. She described that SDA church at Rundu as a true friend who respond to the plight of the community often.

Hon Kauma outlined that the church has in past built about 10 corrugated shacks to assist various needy people including a destitute former University of Namibia Rundu Campus student who was in need of shelter.

She further noted applauded donations at funerals by the church targeting the destitute around town and the health awareness session conducted by the church around Rundu to promote healthy lifestyles.